Leasera: 2020 clarity

EMERGING FROM OBSCURITY and everything else that makes a startup challenging.

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“Time will tell”. The addedge is inevitably true whether negative or positive. Thankfully, in our case, and in spite of the challenges along the way, the outcome has been resoundingly positive. Years ago, we set out to improve the way renting took place. Our initial mission was to maintain a balanced strategy that supports a fast growing renter demographic without hindering those that own or manage their property. Many along the way said it was too difficult of a goal, the competition was too big, the business just doesn’t work like that or we weren’t the right ones to accomplish it despite past successes. There is, however, an inextricable truth that doing good is also good for business as cited in this article in Forbes.

Along the way I’ve lost a lot. I’ve seen partners go, seen clients get pissed, been at a loss in what to say to employees at times and I’ve had to plead with investors to have faith as I went back to the drawing board when I felt convicted to do so. We’ve taken less funding than at times than I’ve been offered and in other times I’ve been bit for it in spite of best intentions. In all reality, it’s conviction in a mission that has allowed us to weather the storm where others most likely wouldn’t have. It’s a number of incredible employees stepping up to the plate when I couldn’t have done it myself. We’ve persevered. It was pure grind and commitment to what “should be”.

Fast forward a couple of years and the scars incurred along the way are healing. We’re walking into 2020 with a pep in our step. Through literally countless trials and remarkable dedication, we now have proof that our intentions and efforts were well placed. Renters can win and the rental market doesn’t have to suffer for it. We’ve proven the value of critical features and functions that empower and improve automation. We’ve proven yet again that appreciating consumers is a solid business decision. In doing so, Leasera has step by step, proven to have staying power in the rental market with a solution that is all our own. We’re also doing it with the support and backing of major, like-minded providers and partners across the nation including property management firms, services like Lyft, Postmates, hospitality partners and investors that make our unified offering stand apart.

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We set out to create a loyalty model that works for a new rental market. We made sure it worked in the low margin business of long term rentals. We also made sure that great on-demand service partners benefited from a better understood, better enabled and appreciated renter-consumer and that those consumers shared in that new reality. We’re here to state that being appreciated as a renter is possible and there’s room to further that value well beyond what even we thought. Renter market relationships no longer have to be at odds and cyclical value is now being created through unified access to services and programs that improve the consumer-renter lifestyle. Making sure this process didn’t damage already depressed margins and possibly even improved profitability was no small task but it was meaningful for our clients and the industry. With the help of some incredible advisors and a faithful team, we have succeeded at the first steps of our mission.

2020 spells excitement as we take what we’ve learned forward as we grow into other markets. We’re growing a team that understands and supports a mission higher than mere corporate success. We’re about to change the narrative that renting on one side is a “tough, low margin business” for investors and operators and on the other that renting is merely a stepping stone towards the real American Dream. That dream has changed and life is a choose your own journey with value propositions personalized to the individual. We’re here to support that journey and empower the market to greater standards.

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LEASERA is a property management platform offering a unified management suite and renter loyalty system. We integrate connected travel accommodations and direct to door services like dog walking, food delivery and ride share to our property management clients and their communities. We serve fast moving property owners and the incredible renter demographic with benefits and options. By serving our client including property management companies, and property investment groups, as well as partnerships with hotels, travel rentals, investment groups and more, LEASERA is a change agent.

LEASERA offers our clients value and customer-loyalty with an intelligent leasing-as-a-service platform with an integrated marketplace of supportive tools and service providers. Consumers gain rewards and empowerment and flexibility. LEASERA was named on CREtech’s Hot List as one of the “Top Companies to Discover in Real Estate” and as a “Leading tech site to discover” and has been dubbed years ahead of the market by industry investors and insiders.

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