How to Host the Best 2021 Holiday Party for Your Renters

The holidays are fast-approaching, and it’s time to start planning your 2021 holiday party to celebrate your renters and residents. It’s been a busy year working remotely for many, while also juggling home-schooling and childcare for some. With the…

Struggles can either divide us or bring us closer together. When it comes to big, important topics, agenda can get in the way of natural, healthy solutions. Two pandemics, one viral and the other economic are currently perpetuating challenging dynamics and we must be aware of the risks. During hard…


Consumer awareness and advancements in technology are changing everything. Companies are becoming wise to the fact that appealing to the consumer is imperative to survival. The awareness around consumer demand is fundamentally changing the way companies analyze and run their business.

There’s a massive disconnect in the rental game…


Renters are now part of a network rich in benefits & opportunities. Property managers are now empowered w/ data and insights to win in tomorrow’s rental market.

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